Wednesday, June 1

Proctor Awarded Prestigious Grant

Ken Charles, spokesman for the City of Proctor, announced today that the City Council has received notice that the city has been awarded a state grant that will allow the city to acquire all of the bars within city limits. The grant, authored by Carol Woodland, is funded by the STAB (Small Towns Acquire Bars) Foundation.

"Being that cities all over Minnesota are receiving less and less funding from our government each year, we are proud to announce that the City of Proctor will be able to control our city's most lucrative business by way of a grant provided by the STAB Foundation," Charles stated. "The twenty million dollars earned by the bars in our city each year through the selling of beer will now be put to good use. Mostly, the money will be earmarked for toilet paper, chalk, and paper for the Proctor Public Schools which have been taken away due to budget cuts. Money will also go to the restoration and renovation of the old Village Hall into a coffee joint. "

The number of bars located in Proctor number seven. The number of churches located in Proctor number four.

The projected $10 million grant will be only second to the $13 million grant given to the City of Northfield in 2004.