Wednesday, May 25

Local Toddler Trapped In Machine

Little Skyler Simpson of Munger found himself in quite the predicament last Thursday morning at the Hermantown Wal-Mart. Simpson, age three, was able to wiggle his way into a vending machine that rewards stuffed animals to those who can actually capture the toys using a joystick.

Simpson's mother, Bea Arthur-Simpson, passed out from the sight of her toddler sitting inside the machine among the stuffed animals. Luckily, one of the senior citizen greeters was able to call 911 from their walkie-talkie and then help assist Ms. Arthur-Simpson.

"My kid is quick. I bet he'll run track some day. I had only left him alone for 15 minutes and look at what he gone and did," boasted Ms. Arthur-Simpson. "It was a real hoot."

After regaining her composure, Ms. Arthur-Simpson briskly ran to buy a disposable camera that had an everyday low price to document her son's situation. When a group of bystanders encircled the machine, Ms. Arthur-Simpson was heard yelling boastfully, "That's my boy! He's one of my eleven kids!"

Local volunteer firefighters were able to break into the back of the machine and free little Skyler from the toy dispenser. Ms. Arthur-Simpson did not reward her son with one of the prized stuffed animals. "He ain't getting nothing until I get my check at the beginning of next month," Ms. Arthur-Simpson shared.